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          InformIT Imprints

          Addison-Wesley Professional is a leading publisher of high-quality and timely information for programmers, developers, engineers, and system administrators. Classic titles include The Art of Computer Programming, The C++ Programming Language, The Mythical Man-Month, and Design Patterns.

          is a world leader in high-quality learning resources on creative digital media and digital marketing, and the official source of training materials for Adobe software and cloud-based solutions. Adobe Press is also home to the most popular—and most translated—series in the industry today, Classroom in a Book.

          Established in 1996, is the official publisher for Cisco certification and network technology self-study resources, providing candidates with flexible learning options including books, eBooks, practice tests, video training, value-priced libraries, and more. Authored by leading experts, Cisco Press learning materials provide certification exam candidates and network engineers with the learning materials they need to succeed.

          FT Press publishes content from the world's best minds on the most important business and management topics.

          IBM Press is the official imprint of IBM retail books for students and business & technical professionals. Books are designed to help users master the wide range of IBM products and services, architectures, and business solutions.

          Pearson is the official publisher of books and eBooks. Microsoft Press, a division of Microsoft Corporation, has been helping IT professionals, developers, and home office and office users advance their technical skills and knowledge with books and other resources since 1984.

          is a leader in IT certification learning solutions, with a long tradition of delivering proven learning tools and educational training materials that have helped instructors teach, students learn, and certification candidates succeed. Written and created by the best trainers and instructors in the industry, Pearson IT Certification's diverse set of training materials include books, eBooks, complete video courses, simulators, practice tests, exam profiles, and more.

          offers unique learning experiences in the fields of photography, graphic design, Web design and development, digital video, and more. Since 1986, our award-winning products have featured step-by-step explanations, timesaving techniques, savvy insider tips, and expert advice for all ages or levels of experience.

          Prentice Hall is a leading publisher of Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering textbooks. They have also published classic titles in programming including Deitel Developer Series, The C Programming Language, and Clean Code.

          products are all about helping you learn about computers and technology for the home, office, and business. Que series have been designed to teach through step-by-step tutorials, to be rich in illustrations for those who want to learn visually, to be complete and in-depth references for those seeking a trusted desk resource, and often to include video and online materials.

          Sams Publishing is focused on teaching working programmers, developers, and systems administrators the skills they need to build and maintain leading-edge technology with their flagship series Sams Teach Yourself and Unleashed.

          is the official publisher of VMware books and training materials that provide guidance for the critical topics facing today's technology professionals and students.

          Visit /socialconnect for a full listing of Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, RSS feeds and YouTube channels.